Thoughts from home

Testing synthesizers is one thing. Testing new code for synthesizers can also be time consuming, unsafe or simply impossible while your setup is performing a synthesis or you are at home… read more

Support for students’ starting projects

Reminiscing over a beer about the time we started our automation endeavors, we remembered the long and lonesome road to the first successful projects. And we said: couldn’t we help the next generation of students to get an easier access to the wonderful world of scripts and circuits? Turns out, we can. Stay tuned for free Arduino starter kits for all interested students seeking to begin their first automation projects, cross the chasm and become an innovator. More info in OCI 306!

Photochemistry in the Chemspeed ASW2000P

Newsflash! We modified the Chemspeed ASW 2000P. We designed a custom rack for LED strips and 3D printed it using our trusty Anet A8. After building the photoreactor array and wiring everything together, it was added to the existing Arduino-based Genesis framework to be operated directly by the parallel synthesizer. Right now, this setup helps us find out about light-induced reactivities in ferrocene-based push-pull systems. Stay tuned for the results!