In this group, we focus on projects in the areas of batch and flow screening and synthesis. Among the devices we use are a parallel synthesizer by Chemspeed and several automated MPLC systems. Where needed, we build custom interfaces and communication protocols to make pumps, valves, stirrers, hot plates (and virtually all lab equipment powered by electricity) talk to and understand each other. To achieve this, we use the Arduino platform in combination with self-programmed Python and LabView scripts. Besides building these networks of devices, we are interested in methods for optimally designing suitable experiments to fully exploit the potential of our systems.

Chemspeed ASW 2000P/Genesis – Parallel Batch Screening

Chemspeed ASW 2000P/Genesis

Imagine having to screen hundreds of reactions to find new reactivities or to maximize yields. Fancy doing it one experiment after the other, while tediously poking in the dark for the next condition to change? We neither, which is why we decided to rescue an abandoned parallel synthesizer from its grave in the basement and bring new life to it. Plug it into an Arduino and it will be able to talk to other machines – and to you! Throw some nice statistical methods into the pot, and suddenly the picture becomes much clearer… read more

Synthesizer Excelsior

Synthesizer Excelsior

Did you find all the rectangles in this picture? In fact, those are all devices that can be controlled via LabVIEW. Upon creating a driver for every device we found not being used in our institute, we merged them into a single setup to screen catalysts and conditions in an automated fashion. So, take a look and stay tuned for updates and nifty tricks to make your day to day lab work more automated and less dull! … read more

Large Scale Multistep Batch Synthesizer

Starting Material Synthesizer

What is up with all those tubes? Obvious answer: they connect everything. More satisfying answer: They are part of a system with the impressive name “Large Scale Multistep Batch Synthesizer” or short “Starting Material Synthesizer” or ever shorter “SMS”, which is short enough to use it in a text. As you might have guessed from the name it is able to perform batch syntheses. Everything from the start of the reaction through the washing step to the purification is carried out by the SMS! … read more